Click to play Alphabet learning game for kids, drag the letters in the correct order to complete the puzzles.

Character rows

Drag a line trough the maze while completing the alphabet to learn the abcs for kids and toddlers.

Alphabet Maze

Drag the line in the correct alphabetic order to complete the puzzle and reveal the hidden animals, kindergarten learning game.

Alphabet line puzzles

Click the letters sequences in the right order from a till z as fast as possible, free online alphabet

The alphabet, fast like a rocket

Eat the letters from the alphabet in the right order to learn the abcs for toddlers.

Alphabet Snake

Drag the letter set in the correct order from a up till z, learning abcs for kids, educational puzzle.

NumberTrack Alphabet Puzzle

Fill in the right boxes with the matching colours to complete the puzzle, alphabet games for preschoolers.

Alphabet Mosaics

Match the capital letters with the lower case letters to learn the letter set and letter sequence.

Linkpuzzle Upper and Lower Case

Click the letters from the alphabet as fast as possible in the right order to get the high score.

Alphabet Bubbles

Race to the right letters to complete the letter sequence, educational free online alphabet puzzles for kids.


Slice the correct answers to the question to learn the alphabet, toddler alphabet games.

Alphabet Ninja

Find the same letters in the puzzles to complete them, learning abcs for kids.


Fill in the empty boxes with the right color to see the mystery picture, learning the alphabet.

Mystery Pictures - Alphabet

Colour the empty spaces to complete the drawings, fun educational games for Pre-K and toddlers.

Alphabet Coloring

Listen carefully to the sounds to know wich box to click and finish the beehive puzzle, alphabet game.

Beehive ABC

Click the correct answers to the questions to complete the alphabet learning puzzles for kids.

Cartoon BlockQuiz Alphabet

Drag the piece to the missing letter, learning abcs, educational toddler game.

Alphabet - Photo Puzzles

Put the words in alphabetic order to complete the puzzles, free online alphabet learning games for kids.

Alphabet Row Mix Puzzle

Drag the images to the matching starting letter, Pre K alphabet

Linkpuzzle - Alphabet Pictures

Find the correct parts to create the image and continue, learning the letter sequence for pre K.

Alphabet Swap Rows Puzzle

Shoot the alphabet letters to complete the game for learning abcs, online educational puzzles for kids.

Shoot the alphabet

Find the matching cards to go to the next abcs puzzle, Pre K alphabet game for toddlers.

Memory - Animal Alphabet

Feed the hungry monster the correct letters to make him happy again, alphabet game for preschoolers.

The hungry monster - Alphabet

Make your own dominos chain with the letter sequences, learning abcs for kids with our educational puzzles.

Domino - Alphabet

Create a copy from the left on the right grid to complete the puzzles, free online letter set learning for kids.

Copy the Grid - ABC

Find the correct letters from the letter sequences in the matrix grid, alphabet learning for kids.

Find the letters

Swap the items in the suitcase untill each item is unique in each row and each column, sudoku game for alphabet learning.

Pack your suitcase - Alphabet

Feed the hungry monster the alphabet in the correct order to make happy, toddler alphabet games.

The alphabet monster

Connect the alphabet by clicking the matching the letters from the letter sequences, online alphabet game.

Alphabet Connect

Fill in the boxes with the correct colours to practice the abcs for kids and toddlers.

Alphabet Mosaics 10x10

Find the hidden letters in the image below to practice with the abcs for pre K and toddlers, educational alphabet learning.

Hidden letters

Put the letters in the correct order to complete the caterpillars puzzles for learning the alphabet for kids.

Alphabet caterpillars

Click the correct mole for learning the abcs and practicing the letter sequences for kids, toddlers and Pre K.

Whack-a-mole - Alphabet

Learn to write the capital letters of the letter sequences for learning the alphabet with games and puzzles.

Alphabet writing - Capitals

Monster Brains - Alphabet

Monster Brains - Alphabet

Monster Brains - Missing letters

Monster Brains - Missing letters

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