Drag the puzzle pieces to the right positions in the jigsaw puzzles to celebrate going back to school on digipuzzle.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Find all the back to school themed words in the wordsearch puzzles, find and mark the words on the bottom of the puzzle to complete.

Wordsearch Puzzles

Find the matching memory cards, click to cards to turn them around and reveal the figures, find the matching ones to complete the levels.

Memory Game

Drag the columns to their correct positions to see the full cartoon, celebrate back to school on digipuzzle.net with educational games.

Mix Puzzle

Drag the pieces to the correct answers to the questions on the bottom left of the online educational back to school games.

Multiplication Puzzles

Play TicTacToe against the computer with back to school figures, get three in a row first to win the levels and continue.


Fill in the coloring plates online, free and fun school activities for preschoolers, first graders and second graders.


Swap the blocks by swiping them untill they are all in the correct position to see the whole back to school themed cartoon.

Swap Puzzle

Click the blocks to turn them untill they are in the correct position to see the whole cartoon, educational puzzles online.

Turn Puzzle

Fill in the shapes in the correct places, learn and practice with all of the shapes online for teachers in school.

Shape Puzzle

Drag the puzzle pieces into their correct positions by answering the math questions correctly, online back to school.

Math Puzzles

Complete the patterns based on the part that you can already see to complete the levels and continue to the next ones.


Drag the words to the matching figures, back to school themed fun online games for preschoolers and first graders.

Word cards - School

Complete all the words in the game to continue to the next levels, guess the words based on the figures on top of them.

Spelling cards - School

Click the blocks in the game to connect the labyrinth from the top left to the bottom right.


Find all the hidden items in the grid, click all the figures shown on the top of the game to complete and finish the games.

Hidden School icons

Link as many matching figures in the grid as possible in the given time, back to school games for kids.

Back to school Links

Click as many matching figures as possible to make them dissapear within the given time, mahjong solitaire back to school game.

Mahjong Solitaire - School

Try to find the hidden words, decode the letters using the table at the bottom of the game, back to school game for preschoolers.

Coded words - Back to school

Try to find all the hidden figures on the bottom of the game in the big grid, find them all to continue to the next levels.

Sports - Find the picture

Find the differences between the two cartoons to complete and finish the levels and continue to the next ones.

Find the differences - Sports

Play against the computer with the online and free to play four in a row game on digipuzzle in back to school theme.

Connect 4 - Back to school

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