Drag the puzzle pieces to the correct positions by finding the matching graphs to practice fractions and complete the fractions games.

Fraction Photo Puzzles

Practice fractions with this educational game! Drag the puzzle piece to the fraction that matches the bar on the bottom.

Fraction Photo Puzzles

Drag the bubble to the white bubbles to score points, when you hit the right answer the size of the bubble resets, play to learn fractions.

Math-Bubble Fractions

Color the flag in the right fractions based on the fractions in the bubbles on the bottom to complete the puzzles.

Fraction Flags

Compare the fractions and choose the correct answer, figure out which is more percentage and click it to go to the next puzzle game.

Compare Fractions

Click to play the math pyramid, fill in the pyramid by using the simple C=A+B formula and practice all the fractions with this online game.

The Math-Pyramid - Fractions

Play our online educational puzzles and learn fractions, click the right answers to the questions on top of the puzzle to complete the animal.

Learn fractions with Math puzzles

Complete the fraction wall by filling in the right fractions on the correct places, good way to practice mathematics with online games on.

Fraction Wall

Find the matching memory cards online, match the percentages with the fractions on the cards and learn the fractions.

Fractions vs Percentages Memory

Find the matching fractions with the decimals on the cards, online and free memory cards game to practice fractions.

Fractions vs Decimals Memory

Drag the memory cards to the correct answers to the questions on the bottom of the game, when all cards are in place you can continue.

Percentages PhotoPuzzles

Race the racecar to the correct graphs, match them with the fractions in the middle to score points. Practice fractions online.

MathRacer Fractions

Click the number line at the right position, make sure the astronaut gets home by placing him at the right place to be picked up.

Numberline - Fractions

Place the monkeys to the right position on the line by dragging them there, fun online game to learn fractions.

Fraction Monkeys

Fly your spaceship trough space while shooting enemy's and the right answers to the questions to score points, online games.

Math-Battle Percentages

Build bridges for animals to cross by placing fractions in the correct orders and making it a whole. Learn how to add fractions.

Build a bridge - Fractions

Find out what fractions match and move youre racecar to the finish line as fast as possible to win from the computer.

Math-Match - Fractions

Play reversi online and free, place youre circles on the right answers and play online reversi to learn fractions.

Reversi - Fractions

Play free and online wordsearches, learn fractions by using our educational games on digipuzzle.net.

Fraction search

Remove all the fractions as fast as possible by clicking them in the right order, start at the lowest and finish at the highest.

Fractions, fast like a rocket

Play online and free domino games on digipuzzle, match the fractions to the graphs to play.

Domino - Fraction circles

Feed the hungry monster the correct answers to the questions about fractions, practice fractions online and fun.

Hungry monster - Fraction circles

Feed the hungry monster the right fraction bars matching the fractions he asks for to make him happy again.

Hungry monster - Fraction bars

Fill in the bars and circles by clicking them to match the fractions and continue to the next puzzles, learn fractions online.

Fraction Math

Fill in the bars and circles by clicking them to match the fractions and make the angry monsters happy. Practice and learn fractions online.

Fraction Monsters

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