Click to play photo puzzles till 10, drag the puzzle pieces to the correct answer to the questions to see the whole pictures.

Photo Puzzles till 10

Click the animal with the correct answer on the top of the puzzle to answer the questions below, educational math till 10 games.

Additions till 10 with SpinIt

Find the correct sum for the correct answer and match them in this educational adding up to 10 memory puzzle.

Additions Memory

Calculate the correct answer and choose the matching color to fill in the mosaic blocks, addition to 10.

Mosaic Additions till 10

Learn to count with this math till 10 line puzzle on digipuzzle.net, counting to 10.

Math till 10 Line puzzles

Click plus or minus till the blue and green numbers added together are equal to the big red number, adding up to 10 worksheet.

Split Numbers

Let the snake eat the correct answers to the sums at the bottom to score points and grow bigger! digipuzzle math till 10.

Snake Additions till 10

Drag the correct answers on the bottom to the matching questions in the link puzzle to continue to the next one.

Additions 1-10 Linkpuzzle

Answer the questions correctly as fast as possible to set the highscore, practice addition and subtraction to 10.

Math Champ till 10

Click here to play bus stop, calculate the amount of children on the bus at every stop with addition and subtraction till 10 questions.

Bus stop - Math till 10

Program your bot to move to the correct answer to the questions by dragging the commands in the right order buty watch out for the bombs!

Code Grid Math till 10

Drag the puzzle pieces to the correct answers to the questions, calculate the missing addends to complete the sum.

Missing addends till 10 Photo Puzzles

Connect the correct answers to the right calculations by dragging lines between them, online adding up to 10 puzzle games.

Connect-It Math till 10

Answer the subtraction and addition sums correctly on the calculator to unlock fashion items and dress up your character on the left.

Math Fashion - Math till 10

Move your bubble to the right colored smaller bubbles to answer the addition sums correclty and score more points.

Math-Bubble Additions

Answer the subtractions sums correctly and connect them to the right answer by dragging a line between them.

Connect-It Subtractions till 10

Calculate the missing addends and drag the correct puzzle pieces to the questions to complete the puzzles and move to the next ones.

Block Puzzles - Missing addends till 10

Solve the math riddles by looking to the calculations on the top and fill in the right number on the quesion marks.

Math Riddles till 10

Answer all the addition questions correctly and fill them in with the right colors to reveal the mystery pictures, adding up to 10.

Mystery Pictures - Math till 10

Make the sums complete by dragging the right answers to the correct boxes, count the figures to figure out the calculations.

Find the sums

Click to play split the numbers, online adding up to 10 game for kids, make the sums complete again by dragging the numbers to the right place.

Split the numbers

Fly the airplane to the correct answers in the balloons to score points, but watch out if you hit the wrong balloons you lose lifes.

Cloud Math till 10

Find the missing number in the sums and click the correct answer to reveal the puzzle pieces, continue untill the puzzle is complete.

Math Puzzles - Split numbers

Find the combinations of numbers that add up to the requested total of the big number in the middle of the additions to 10 puzzle.


Land the astronaut on the planet with the correct answer to the question from the UFO, adding up to 10 worksheets.

Space Math Additions

Answer the addition till 10 questions on the calculator to unlock pieces of Mr. Potato Head and build him untill he is complete.

Mr. Potato Head - Math till 10

Drag the answers to the right position to fill in the math square puzzle correctly additions and subtractions to 10.

Math Square Puzzle till 10

Drag the answers to the right postions in the triangle to complete the math triangle with additions and subtractions till 10.

Math Triangle

Make the sums correct by clicking two numbers that make up ten in total to practice math till 10 on Digipuzzle.net

Math Puzzles - Combine numbers

Click the matching addition and subtraction calculations with the correct answers to make them dissapear and complete the math till 10 clutter.

Clutter - Math till 10

Feed the hungry monster the correct sums to the answer he asks to make him happy again, online math calculations with subtractions and additions.

The hungry monster - Math till 10

Count the figures and match them with the right sums on the left by dragging a line between the two cards.

Connect-It Math + Count

Arrange the matrix by dragging all pieces from the left to their correct positions in the matrix, math additions to 10.

Matrix - Math till 10

Make the broken hearts complete again by dragging the correct answer to the missing half of the hearts digipuzzle math till 10.

Broken Hearts

Answer the questions on the calculator on the bottom right to walk the dog and practice math till 5 with online math games.

Walk the dog - Math till 5

Click to play online educational hangman game to practice additions and subtractions to 10 on digipuzzle.net

Hangman - Math till 10

Drag the discs to their positions, make sure the twins have the same equal numbers to make the calculations correctly.

Twin sums

Answer the questions on the calculator on the bottom right to unlock animal pieces and build your own fantasy animals.

Fantasy Animals - Math

Monster Brains - Math

Monster Brains - Math

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