Drag the puzzle pieces to the correct positions to complete the spring themed online jigsaw puzzles, enjoy educational spring time games.

Spring Jigsaw Puzzles

Fill in the spring themed words in our online spring crossword puzzles, type in the right words on the correct positions to finish.

Spring Crossword Puzzles

Find the hidden words in our fun, free and online wordsearches, spring themed fun for kids in schools on digipuzzle.net.

Spring Wordsearch Puzzles

Find the matching cards in the online spring memory games, click the cards to spin them around and memorize the matching cards to complete.

Spring Memory Game

Drag the columns to their positions to complete the online spring puzzles, perfect spring activities in school on digipuzzle.

Spring Mix Puzzle

Guess the words before you run out of lives with our free to play online hangman game, fun spring quiz for kids and toddlers.

Spring Hangman Game

Play online TicTacToe on digipuzzle, get three in a row first to beat the computer and win the fun online puzzles.

Spring TicTacToe

Click to play online minesweeper in spring theme, online school games for 1st grade, 2nd grade, toddlers, kids and kindergarten.

Spring Minesweeper

Play spring themed spot the differences, click the differences on the pictures in the game untill you have found them all and continue.

Spring Spot the differences

Drag the puzzles pieces to the correct answers to the given questions, practice multiplications in a playful way online and free.

Spring Multiplication Puzzles

Answer the questions correcly and drag the puzzle pieces to the right answers to complete the spring themed puzzles and learn.

Spring Math Puzzles

Click to play online and free jigsaw puzzles on digipuzzle, drag the puzzle pieces to the right positions to complete the puzzles.

Lambs Jigsaw Puzzles

Drag the line in the right order to reveal the hidden image, learn to count games for toddlers, kids, schools and kindergarten.

Spring Line puzzles

Try to find the ten differences in the spring themed drawings to complete the free and online games to learn and practice.

Find the Differences - Farm Animals

Find the objects on the bottom of the puzzle in the big picture, find them all to continue to the next puzzles.

Spring Search Puzzle

Find the differences on the insects, find all ten to complete the spring games and puzzles for kids in school.

Find the Differences - Insects

Have fun and fill in the coloring pages online, fill them in however you want and create art online on digipuzzle.net.

Spring Coloring

Copy the mosaic on the bottom right on the big mosaic to complete them and continue to the next ones.

Spring Mosaics 16x16

Practice math online with our spring math pacman game on digipuzzle, go to the correct answers to the questions and score as many points as possible.

Spring Math Pacman

Grab the letters of the spring words in the correct order to score points with our online and free pacman game, score as many points as possible.

Spring Words Pacman

Click the letters in the correct order to find the hidden spring word in our online bogglequiz to learn and practice words.

Spring BoggleQuiz

Click the puzzle pieces to turn them over untill they are in the correct positions to complete the spring puzzles.

Spring Turn Puzzle

Swap the puzzle pieces untill every one of them is in the correct position and the puzzle is complete, online spring games for school.

Spring Swap Puzzle

Slide the pieces untill they are in the correct position to complete the spring themed online puzzles and games on digipuzzle.

Spring Sliding Puzzle Game

Drag the blocks to their correct positions to complete the online and free spring themed quiz puzzle on digipuzzle.net

Spring Block Puzzle

Practice the shapes online with our spring shape puzzle on Digipuzzle.net, free and educational games for children, kids and toddlers.

Spring Shape Puzzle

Reveal the hidden image by rubbing it using your fingers or mouse, learn and practice online, perfect for schools and young children.

Clear the Image - Spring

Match the young and adult animals with eachother by draggin them on top of each other and complete the online linkpuzzles, practice the animals.

LinkPuzzle Young and Adult Animals

Click to play our spring sudoku, educational online game for kids, toddlers, kindergarten, school and children.

Spring Sudoku

Try to get four in a row to win against the computer, beat the computer and play four in a row online in spring theme.

Four in a row Spring

Count the figures and drag the correct number to the question marks under the figures, answer the questions correctly to finish.

Spring Animals CountIt

Complete the spring patterns by dragging the correct block on the empty spots, learn and practice patterns for kids online.

Spring Patterns

Drag the figures to their new positions at the bottom of the maze by following the lines in the maze, free and online games for kids.

Spring Path Puzzles

Learn and practice to count with our online spring themed memory game, match the numbers with the right amount of figures on the cards.

Counting Butterflies Memory

Copy the mosaic on the bottom right perfectly on the big grid in the middle of the puzzle to complete the spring mosaics.

Spring Mosaics

Learn the alphabet online, match the colours with the right letters to reveal the hidden spring images and figures.

Spring Alphabet Mozaics

Learn math online with our spring mosaics, give the blocks the colours of the correct answers to the questions in the mosaic grid.

Spring Math Mozaics

Play hit it! Click as many butterflys as possible and try to get the highscore of the day, kindergarten activities to first grade.

Butterfly Hit-It

Solve the spring math riddles, online way to practice mathematics fill in the correct answer on the question mark to continue.

Spring Math Riddles

Help Blinky the robot with his missions in this spring themed world, have fun with this online game for kids and children.

Blinky's World - Springtime

Match the words with the right images to complete the spring themed word cards puzzle online, free and educational game for kids.

Word cards - Spring

Spell the words that match with the images to complete the puzzle, learn to spell online with fun and educational puzzles.

Spelling cards - Spring

Solve the spring themed hex puzzle for as long as possible, try and fill the lines to make them dissapear, online game for kids.

Hex Puzzle - Spring

Drag a line over at least three similar items, if you get more you get more points, score as many points as possible.

Spring - Match 3

Fill in the box puzzle by draggin the figures into the box as long as possible to score as many points possible.

Box Puzzle - Spring

Solve the spring themed clutter puzzle by dragging the matching cards on top of each other, make them all dissapear to finish.

Spring - Clutter

Try to get to the other side of the maze by clicking the boxes to spin them around and make a path to the other side.

Spring - Labyrinth

Find the hidden spring icons on top of the puzzle in the clutter mix to complete the levels and move on.

Hidden Spring icons

Link the matching icons with each other by clicking them and making enough space on the grid, free and online game for kids.

Spring Links

Solve the spring themed mahjong solitaire by clicking the matching blocks untill you have them all, online solitaire.

Mahjong Solitaire - Spring

Click the figures that are named on the bottom of the puzzle to complete, learn and practice for school online on digipuzzle.net.

Hidden Objects - Spring

Fill in the mosaic by matching the right colors with the numbers on the grid, learn and practice to count in spring theme for kids and toddlers.

Spring Number Mosaics

Find the hidden objects on the bottom in the big picture on the puzzle, educational spring activities for young kids in school.

Spring - Find the picture

Fill in the correct words matching the icons on the online crossword puzzle to complete, learn to spell game for toddlers and kids.

Picture Crossword - Spring

Try and find the ten differences and solve the puzzle by clicking them all, click the switch button to switch between pictures.

Find the differences - Switch

Unscramble the words by dragging the letters to their positions, learn and practice to spell words in spring theme for kids and toddlers.

Spring - Word scramble

Solve the jigsaw puzzles by dragging the puzzle pieces to the correct positions untill it is complete, spring activities for school.

Young Animals Jigsaw Puzzles

Solve the young animals mix puzzles by dragging the columns to their positions, educational spring time activities for school and kids.

Young Animals Mix Puzzle

Find the matching cards in this online young animals memory game for kids and toddlers, spring themed school activities on Digipuzzle.

Young Animals Memory Game

Find the matching blocks and click them to make them dissapear untill there are no blocks left and you completed the puzzle, online educational.

Young Animals Photo Mahjong Puzzle

Play online spring sudoku on digipuzzle.net online educational puzzles in spring theme for schools, kids, toddlers and kindergarten.

Spring Word Sudoku

Spin the puzzle parts untill they are in the right position to solve the online educational puzzle in spring style.

Circle Puzzles

Drag the correct answers on the bottom to the questions above, educational spring time activities on digipuzzle.

Spring Additions LinkPuzzle

Drag the correct answers on the bottom to the questions above, count the blocks on top and solve the free online linkpuzzle.

Spring Count LinkPuzzle

Find the correct clock for the matching time, online spring themed memory game for kids and kindergarten, learn the clock online.

Learn the clock with Spring Memory

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