Drag the puzzle pieces into the correct positions to complete the online thanksgiving puzzle.

Thanksgiving Jigsaw Puzzles

Try to find and mark all the hidden thanksgiving themed words in the online wordsearch puzzles to complete them.

Thanksgiving Wordsearch Puzzles

Find all the matching cards by clicking them to make them turn, thanksgiving memory game for the family.

Thanksgiving Memory Game

Play online tictactoe against the computer, try to get three in a row before your opponent does to win the games.

Thanksgiving TicTacToe

Click to play online and free thanksgiving themed minesweeper games against the computer, try to win them all.

Thanksgiving Minesweeper

Guess the thanksgiving themed words in time before you run out of lives and lose in our online hangman game for kids.

Thanksgiving Hangman Game

Learn and practice math with our educational free to play online puzzles and games, drag the puzzle pieces to the correct answers.

Thanksgiving Multiplication puzzles

Drag the puzzle pieces to the correct answers to the mathematics questions on the bottom left of the game to complete.

Thanksgiving Math puzzles

Fill in the coloring plates with the colors you like, online thanksgiving games for kids in school.

Thanksgiving Coloring

Learn and practice to count online, drag the line from the beginning to the end in the right order to reveal the hidden thanksgiving images.

Thanksgiving Line puzzles

Try to fit as many figures into the hex grid as possible to score points, online thanksgiving game ideas.

Hex Puzzle - Thanksgiving

Copy the mosaics from the small grid on the bottom right into the big grid in the middle of the game to continue.

Thanksgiving Mosaics 16x16

Swap all the blocks in the game to their correct positions to finish the game and reveal the hidden cartoons.

Thanksgiving Swap Puzzle

Click the blocks in the game to make them turn, continue untill they are all in the correct position and you are finished.

Thanksgiving Turn Puzzle

Drag the columns to their correct positions to complete the thanksgiving themed online puzzles for kids in school.

Thanksgiving Mix Puzzle

Use your mouse, fingers or keys to move PacMan to the letters in the correct order to spell the words on the bottom of the game.

Letter-Man - Thanksgiving

Learn and practice your math with our online free to play pacman game move pacman to the correct answers to the bottom of the game.

Math-Man - Thanksgiving

Make each row unique with the given figures, play online free educational sudoku games on digipuzzle in thanksgiving theme.

Thanksgiving Sudoku

Learn to count online, find the matching numbers compared to the figures on the cards and complete the games.

Thanksgiving Turkey Memory

Click to play thanksgiving themed hangman game, guess all the words before you run out of lives to complete.

Turkey Hangman

Eat all the letters of the thanksgiving words in the correct order using your keys or fingers to complete the levels.

Thanksgiving Word Snake

Reveal the hidden thanksgiving cartoons by rubbing your screen with your fingers or you mouse, thanksgiving games for kids.

Clear the Image - Thanksgiving

Drag the blocks into the grid to the correct positions to complete the cartoons correctly, online thanksgiving games.

Thanksgiving Block Puzzle

Learn and practice the shapes with our online educational games and puzzles, drag the shapes into their correct positions and continue.

Thanksgiving Shape Puzzle

Count all the figures on top of the game in the grid and drag the correct number of figures to the question marks to complete the games.

Thanksgiving CountIt

Follow the lines to figure out the paths of the figures and drag them into their correct places to finish the puzzles.

Thanksgiving Path Puzzles

Click as many bubbles as possible to score points, try to beat the highscore in this thanksgiving themed family game.

Hit the turkey

Complete the patterns by following the previous pattern in the grid, thanksgiving game ideas online.

Thanksgiving Patterns

Figure out what numbers should be on the question marks by solving the math riddles in thanksgiving theme.

Thanksgiving Math Riddles

Drag a line across at least three similar items to score points, the more figures the more points.

Thanksgiving - Match 3

Online free to play solitaire games in thanksgiving theme, thanksgiving games for the whole family online.

Thanksgiving Solitaire

Drag as many boxes into the grid to score as many points as possible in the online thanksgiving box puzzles.

Box Puzzle - Thanksgiving

Figure out the correct order of the figures by dragging them into the boxes and check the points every time.

Thanksgiving - Mastermind

Try to get four in a row before the computer does to win the games, thanksgiving games for the whole family online.

Connect 4 - Thanksgiving

Solve the maze by clicking the boxes to make them turn and make a path from the top left to the bottom right and complete the puzzles.

Turkey Labyrinth

Answer the questions correctly and fill in the correct words in the right places to complete the online crosswords puzzles.

Thanksgiving Horizontal Crossword

Click the objects in the correct order like the computer did it in our online free to play thanksgiving themed simon says games.

Simon Says - Thanksgiving

Fill all the words on the bottom of the grid in into the correct positions to finish the fill in crosswords puzzles.

Thanksgiving Fill-In puzzle

Find all the hidden figures in the grid to complete the levels and score as many points as possible, thanksgiving games online.

Hidden Thanksgiving icons

Online free to play mahjong solitaire games on digipuzzle, thanksgiving games and ideas for the family.

Mahjong Solitaire - Thanksgiving

Link two of the same figures by connecting them, do this by making a path for them by making other figures dissapear.

Thanksgiving Links

Try to solve the hidden words by decoding the letters using the table on the bottom of the games.

Coded words - Thanksgiving

Try to guess the correct words before you run out of lives, online thanksgiving games for kids.

Hangman - Thanksgiving + Fall

Click the layers of the phototurn puzzles untill they are in the correct positions and the puzzle is complete.

Thanksgiving Circle Puzzles

Remember the figures in the crystal ball and copy them in the levels to continue, online free thanksgiving games for kids.

The Crystal ball - Thanksgiving

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USA games

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