Click here for valentine's day jigsaw puzzles, drag the pieces to the right place, valentine's day games for kids.

Valentine Jigsaw Puzzles

Find the valentines themed words in the wordsearch puzzles to continue to the next.

Valentine Wordsearch Puzzles

Find the matching valentine's day memory pictures to complete the valentine memory games.

Valentine Memory Game

Get the columns to the right positions, valentine's day game for kids and school.

Valentine Mix Puzzle

Guess the valentine words correctly before you lose, valentine's day hangman game.

Valentine Hangman Game

Click here to play valentine themed TicTacToe puzzles for school and kids.

Valentine TicTacToe

Click here to play free online minesweeper puzzles in valentine's day theme on google.

Valentine Minesweeper

Fill in the mosaics puzzles with the right colours to duplicate the example on the bottom right.

Valentine Mosaics 16x16

Educational kids puzzle for learning multiplications in valentine theme, valentine's day games for school.

Valentine Multiplication puzzles

Drag the puzzle pieces to the correct answers of the math questions, educational online kids puzzels.

Valentine Math Puzzles

Drag the line in the right order of numbers, learn to count with educational valentine's day games for kids in school.

Valentine Line puzzles

Find the fragments on the bottom in the big photo to complete the valentine search puzzles, valentine's day games online.

Valentine Search Puzzle

Fill in the valentine coloring pages with the colours of choice, valentine's day games for kids and toddlers or school.

Valentine Coloring

Click to play valentine's day themed turn puzzles, click the pieces to turn them to the correct positions and complete the puzzle.

Valentine Turn Puzzle

Swap the puzzle pieces to the correct positions to complete the puzzles, educational free valentine's day games on google.

Valentine Swap Puzzle

Drag the puzzle pieces to the right positions to complete the online educational puzzles, valentines activities.

Valentine Sliding Puzzle Game

Drag the blocks to the correct positions to see the full valentine pictures, valentine's day game.

Valentine Block Puzzle

Practice the different shapes with these educational online shape puzzles for toddlers and kids in school, valentine's day games for kids.

Valentine Shape Puzzle

Reveal the images by rubbing it untill it is complete, free and online kids puzzles in valentine theme, valentine's day games for school.

Clear the Image - Valentine

Learn mathematics with this online educational math Pacman game in valentines day theme, answer the math calculations correctly to win.

Valentine Math Pacman

Learn to spell with this online Pacman game for kids, grab the letters of the words in the correct order to complete, valentine game for school.

Valentine Words Pacman

Click here to play online valentine sudoku puzzles, free and educational games for kids in school in valentine theme.

Valentine Sudoku

Count the figures and drag the correct answers to the question marks, learn to count with these educational valentines kids puzzles.

Valentine CountIt

Complete the valentine patterns, look carefully to the patterns and fill in the right shape to complete them, valentine's day games for school.

Valentine Patterns

Click here to play educational memory puzzles for kids, find the matching numbers with the pictures to complete the puzzles.

Counting Hearts Memory

Drag lines between at least three similar items and more for extra points and time, online valentine's day games.

Valentine - Match 3

Click here to play free online hex puzzles in valentine theme, drag the pieces on the side in to the hex puzzle to complete it.

Valentine - Hex Puzzle

Click to play hit the hearts valentine's day game, hit as many as possible hearts to try and hit the high score, online valentine activities.

Hit the hearts

Online valentine crossword puzzles, place the words on the bottom on the correct positions in the crossword puzzles, valentine's day games for school.

Valentine Fill-In puzzle

Replicate the small mosaics on the bottom on the big ones correctly free online valentine's day games for kids.

Valentine Mosaics

Educational mathematics mosaics for kids, fill in the right color by the correct calculation and answer, valentine's day games for schools.

Valentine Math Mosaics

Click the blocks to get to the other side of the maze and unite the valentine lovers, valentine's day games for school.

Valentine - Labyrinth

Find the hidden valentine icons on the top in the other icons, valentine's activities and games for kids and school.

Hidden Valentine icons

Click to play online mahjong solitaire valentine themed games on digipuzzle, click the matching icons untill there are none left.

Mahjong Solitaire - Valentine

Click the same valentine icons to link them if possible, online link puzzle, valentine activities for kids.

Valentine Links

Play Cupid's hangman here, guess the words correctly before Cupid loses all his lifes, valentine's day game for kids in school.

Cupid's Hangman

Drag the matching pictures on top of each other to make them disappear, valentine's day activities and games for school kids.

Valentine - Clutter

Drag the hearts to the boxes untill you have figured out the correct order, educational online valentine's day game on google.

Valentine - Mastermind

Click to play valentine spot the differences, try to find all the differences between the two pictures to complete the puzzles.

Valentine Spot the differences

Make the broken hearts complete again by dragging the correct answer to the missing half of the hearts digipuzzle math till 10.

Broken Hearts

Drag the letters to their positions to unscramble the words, educational online valentines puzzles for kids in school.

Valentine Word scramble

Play four in a row in valentine's day theme, beat the computer to win and get four in a row first, valentine's day activities.

Connect 4 - Valentine

Guess the missing words from the sentences and fill them in in the correct positions of the crossword puzzles, valentines games.

Valentine crossword puzzle

Feed the broken heart the correct answers to the mathematics calculations to heal the valentine heart, educational online valentines game.

The broken heart - Math

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